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Pick Tennessee Products
Pick Tennessee Products


Cuban Street Corn-AM Style!
Main Ingredients: sweet corn,
sweet corn
olive oil
Fresh limes

Chipotle Butter

1/4 lb Softened Butter
2 TBSP Mayonaise
1 TBSP Chopped Chipotles
1/2 TBSP Salt
1/4 TBSP Chili Powder
The Corn: Rub corn with olive oil. Grill or roast in broiler until a light char is achieved. Serve on the cob or shaved. Top with Chipotle Butter, cilantro, lime and shaved Queso Blanco.

The Chipotle Butter: Pulse all ingredients in food processor until smooth then chill.

Chef Arnold Mynt, Nashville Farmers Market

Fava Beans, Shelled
Main Ingredients: Fava Beans, olive oil, garlic, sweet corn
Fava Beans
olive oil
kernel corn
Heat some olive oil in a heavy saucepan, add a few cloves of garlic rough chopped, add fava beans, immediately after garlic, use your utensil to keep them moving all the time, when nearly cooked add corn (fresh or frozen), add salt.

Tessa Nathan, Los Angeles, CA

Grilled Sweet Corn
Main Ingredients: Sweet Corn, butter, Salt and Pepper
One Cob of Sweet Corn per person (or more)
Salt and Pepper

Do Not Shuck the Corn on the Cob! Peel the outside layers down and remove the silks. Cut the pointy end off the corn if necessary. Liberally spread butter on the ear of corn. Sprinkle with Salt and Pepper to taste. Fold the shucks back up over the ear of corn.
Wrap tightly with aluminum foil
Cover with hot coals on grill or campfire. Let cook for 30 to 45 minutes. (if you can't cover with coals, be sure to turn the cobs frequently to prevent parching on one side, cook slightly longer)

Dennisons Farm, Elora, TN