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Farm Guide > Listing > Vaughn's #1 Bermuda Grass Fed Beef

White County
, Farm Stand, Farmers Market
Mike & Lyn Vaughn
445 Bermuda Rd.
Walling, TN 38587
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Season: All Year - (In season now)
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Vaughn's #1 Bermuda Grass Fed Beef is process from cattle raised on the family farm, located in Walling, TN in White County. Only our choice cattle goes into our freezer beef program. We raised Black Angus, fed and finished on Vaughn's #1 Bermuda Grass & Hay, a grass developed by my father, Terrell Vaughn. Our grass is recommended by the Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service and is a complete livestock ration that gives an exceptional flavor to the beef. No corn is used in the finishing. Our specialty beef is USDA inspected, hormone and antibiotic free, and non-confined. You can have the taste that you want, along with the health benefits of grass fed and finished beef.

We sell quarters, halves, wholes, and individual cuts. Our individual cuts include filet mignon, rib eye, New York strips, sirloin steaks, hanger steak, skirt steak, flank steak, flat iron steak, tri tip roast, sirloin tip roast, rump roast, shoulder roast, chuck roast, eye of round roast, eye of round breakfast steaks, brisket, stew meat, cube steak, beef sausage, ground beef, ground beef patties, short ribs, liver, tongue, ox tail, heart, kidney, spleen, soup bones, marrow bones, assorted bones, and neck bone.

We are at the Cumberland Sustainable Farmers' Market on Thursdays (order online), Rutherford County Farmers' Market on Fridays, Sparta Green Market on the 3rd Friday of the month, and the Cookeville Farmers' Market on Saturday. We sell year round at the Cookeville Farmers' Market. We also sell from our house.

If you like grass fed beef, buy some of quality and not just something labeled grass fed. Know what you are buying. Not all grass fed is equal.

Last modified: Thu Jun 20 2019
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