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Williamson County
Farmers market
Kasi Daniels
7248 Nolensville Rd.
Historic Nolensville School
Nolensville, TN 37135
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Season: May - October
Days: Saturday
Hours: 8:00-12:00 p.m.
The Nolensville Farmer's Market is always looking for better ways to serve their customers. That is why they have partnered with LocallyGrown.net to expand the Nolensville Farmer's Market Winter Market to Nolensville.LocallyGrown.net. Pick up days are the first and third Saturday, November - April.

Nolensville.LocallyGrown.net is as simple as buying something off Amazon. You create an account, fill up your cart, and hit order. The local farmers and artisans come and drop of their fresh products at the pick-up point. Our market staff organizes the orders, you swing by, pay with cash, check or card and in minutes you are on your way with all your favorite Nolensville Farmer's Market goodies.

There is no better way to satisfy your needs for the best products year round while supporting your local farmers and artisans. All this while enjoying a hassle free and convenient online shopping experience and a quick and orderly local pick up currently being hosted at the Art of Life Chiropractic 7149 Nolensville Rd. Pick-ups are scheduled for the first and third Saturday of each month until the end of April from 10am until noon! May 7th will start back our physical market located at the Historic Nolensville School every Saturday May through October from 8am until noon!

We are a part of the Fresh Savings ( a new state-wide double SNAP program) this summer. We Accept and DOUBLE SNAP $$ at the Nolensville Farmer's Market! Spend $10, receive $20 to spend on fresh Fruits and Vegetables!

Last modified: Mon Jun 3 2019

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