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Meet My Baker (& Farmer): Reggie's Veggies


R eggie Marshall took experiences learned at his father’s knee on their farm in West Tennessee to create an evolving hot spot for veggies and baked goods at the Nash- ville Farmers’ Market. His son Reggie Jr. is ever present with a canny set of eyes for what the public wants.

Reggie’s Veggies
Nashville Farmers’ Market
Reggie Marshall Sr.
(615) 295-3236

In 2014, as a student of the New Farmers Academy, Reggie Sr. began to grow kale, turnip and mustard greens on Tennessee State University’s Research Farm. “Before we went to market, we washed those greens better than anyone else,” he says. Reggie’s Veggies’ reputation was won.


Along with expansion efforts on his Antioch farm and a part time nursing gig, Reggie Sr. loves to “fiddle around” with baked good recipes gleaned from family members. Outcomes like sweet potato pie, banana bread, assorted cookies and carrot cake have been best sellers at the market this past year.

Reggie’s Veggie’s also sells Bongo Java coffee and specialty drinks that the family creates using herb varieties from the farm. New offerings this year will include small seasonal pies and a pepper sauce with ingredients harvested from what they grow.

Along the way, Reggie’s Veggies will share their family’s knowledge with “For the Love of Growing” student workers from McGavock High School.

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