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A Guide To Food And Farming In Middle Tennessee
Fall 2014
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Celebrating The People Who Bring Us Homegrown Food From Tennessee Farms
Welcome to Local Table Our goal is to support a community that celebrates every meal and is thoughtful about where we live and how we eat.
Local Table is dedicated to celebrating the small farmers and other folks who bring us homegrown food from Tennessee farms. Our goal is to support a community that celebrates every meal and is thoughtful about where we live and how we eat. When we eat locally raised food, we can literally ensure the continuation of the family farm, protect our rural green spaces and support a food system that brings a steady supply of fresh, healthy foods to our towns and cities.

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A Guide To Food And Farming
Photo WE WANT TO MAKE IT EASIER TO FIND HEALTHIER, AND TASTIER FOOD FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. We offer easy and varied choices. You can choose catagories like farmers markets, wineries, retailers, or products, or select counties, or search the whole database. You can even combine a leisure day trip in our beautiful countryside with a gourmet destination. We hope you can use the guide, along with the magazine, as a resource to the agricultural bounties of Middle Tennessee.

We are looking for farmers growing crops, or anyone we may have missed. If you are not included in this guide and would like to make sure your farm, farmers market or retail operation is listed in the future, please get in touch. You can call Lisa at 1-615-677-6645 or lisa@localtable.net or use our online form.

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It's Fall Again
PhotoWhat a fast year it has been - I can't believe the mornings are already cool, the grass is covered in dew, and the pumpkins in my patch are turning orange! It's hard to say, but I think the fall may just be the busiest time of year in Middle Tennessee. The options are nearly endless - fall harvest festivals including Homestead's Apple Festival; the National Banana Pudding Festival; Goats, Music, 'n More; Southern Fried Fest; Music, Molasses, and More; Granville's Scarecrow Walk; Made in Nashville; Allardt's Pumpkin Festival; and so much more! You can watch horse-powered sorghum mills in action at some of the local Amish and Mennonite communities, go apple-picking throughout the area, and enjoy dozens of pumpkin patches and fall farm festivities.

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Sweet on the Vine: The Muscadine Grape New
Photo Growing up in rural Alabama, I enjoyed the Southern harvest each season produced. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. It brings relief from the stifling summer heat, but more importantly, it yields fresh muscadine grapes from Meemaw and Pawpaw's backyard. The dark purple fruit grows along a woven vine next to their tattered red barn. Many great childhood memories involved those sweet vines: my first, not-so-sweet yellow jacket sting while in Pawpaw's sturdy arms, learning to make muscadine jam with Meemaw in her cozy kitchen, and the precious playtime with cousins who, like myself, have grown up and journeyed away from that idyllic place in time.


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Noble Springs Dairy: A Couple and Their "Kids" New Photo Feature
Photo A fondness for goats and a passion for agriculture keep Noble Springs Dairy’s Dustin and Justyne Noble busy on their 233-acre farm in Franklin, TN. A grade-A goat dairy and creamery, Noble Springs produces a variety of all-natural farmstead goat cheeses and other products from their high-quality goat milk. Around 150 goats roam their hills and valleys, and these young entrepreneurs hold a commitment to quality in both the process and products of their dairy farm, which was licensed in 2009. A devotion to those curious animals sealed the deal in the beginning for the owners of this successful and growing dairy business. Dustin and Justyne met in 2003 at a goat show in Iowa, each of them showing goats they had raised since childhood.


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Photo Pioneering Germantown Restaurant 25th Anniversary New
The Germantown neighborhood in North Nashville has established itself as one of the hottest restaurant destinations in the city, but the place's foodie-friendly trendiness is actually just the latest iteration of a longstanding tradition that's found the Germantown name to be synonymous with good eating since the 19th century. The Neuhoff family established their meat-packing business in a two-story retail space in the heart of Germantown in 1889. The building's brick and terracotta exterior and hardwood floors would go on to host a grocery store in years to come before being transformed into the critically acclaimed Chefs on Command restaurant in the 1980s. More

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Photo The Best Varietals at Customers' Doorsteps New
"In Europe then we thought of wine as something healthy and normal as food and also as a great giver of happiness and well-being and delight," Ernest Hemingway wrote in A Moveable Feast. "Drinking wine was not a snobbism nor a sign of sophistication nor a cult; it was as natural as eating and to me as necessary." A half century after the publication of Hemingway's memoir, such a passage might describe the spirit of an afternoon - hot, likely, and humid, definitely - for a Rocky Top oenophile at one of the many wineries that thrive on the contours of the Cumberland Plateau and elsewhere in central Tennessee. These local oases are nurturing an interest in wine that has grown and matured in the last decade or so, vine by vine and grape by grape, and it's never been easier to drink locally. Many wineries occupy scenic outposts among rolling, forested hills and fields, and some offer tours and casual gatherings that invite customers to enjoy the view. More

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Ms. Cook's Table
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Radical Farm Wives
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Meet Bill. The heron. Ira befriended “Bill” the first day of our vacation. My bird-sensitive little guy noticed this particular heron had some fishing line wrapped around his leg, and was limping a bit. I guess...
We achieved a major milestone this past weekend, our 20th delivery week, the final of the main summer CSA season. the range of emotions is beyond my exhausted mental state right now, so i will summarize...

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Connecting to Nashville's Food Scene
Hungry at Heart
Over the weekend I made a blueberry pie. There are few things more satisfying than making a pie completely from scratch. The pie featured fresh blueberries we picked ourselves. The crust also has 1/4 cup cornmeal in it, and blueberry and cornmeal together is a delicious combo.†It got RAVE reviews from the...
So, How's It Taste?
Don’t you love it when two desserts come together and you get the best of both worlds without choosing? Yes, me too! Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars do just that. It’s a chocolate chip cookie. It’s cheesecake. It’s cheesecake sandwiched between two layers of chocolate chip cookies! The recipe couldn’t be easier. I made these bars […] Copyright © 2009-2014 So, How's It Taste? - Leah Short The post Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars appeared first...
Lesley Eats
You wouldn’t think that a city that is right in the heart of the mid-south would be all that vegetarian-friendly, but Nashville is very progressive, food-wise with a number of strictly vegetarian and vegan restaurants and many (most!) restaurants being...


Live Green Tennessee - Season 6, Episode 1

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We visit Grandaddy's Farm for agri-tourism fun for the family. Then we take a look at home business that brews kombucha tea. And finally we learn about living green through running...

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We hope you can use this website, along with the magazine, as a resource to the agricultural bounties of Middle Tennessee. Please feel free to keep in touch with us to pass along news you feel may be of interest to others, recipes, or comments to make Local Table a better place to meet. Thanks for joining us at Local Table.

We make no guarantee as to the quality of any produce or product from a farm or to anybodies growing practices. We're only providing a guide to local farms and invite you to find your favorite.

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