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Summer 2014
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Celebrating The People Who Bring Us Homegrown Food From Tennessee Farms
Welcome to Local Table Our goal is to support a community that celebrates every meal and is thoughtful about where we live and how we eat.
Local Table is dedicated to celebrating the small farmers and other folks who bring us homegrown food from Tennessee farms. Our goal is to support a community that celebrates every meal and is thoughtful about where we live and how we eat. When we eat locally raised food, we can literally ensure the continuation of the family farm, protect our rural green spaces and support a food system that brings a steady supply of fresh, healthy foods to our towns and cities.

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A Guide To Food And Farming
Photo WE WANT TO MAKE IT EASIER TO FIND HEALTHIER, AND TASTIER FOOD FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. We offer easy and varied choices. You can choose catagories like farmers markets, wineries, retailers, or products, or select counties, or search the whole database. You can even combine a leisure day trip in our beautiful countryside with a gourmet destination. We hope you can use the guide, along with the magazine, as a resource to the agricultural bounties of Middle Tennessee. More
We are looking for farmers growing crops, or anyone we may have missed. If you are not included in this guide and would like to make sure your farm, farmers market or retail operation is listed in the future, please get in touch. You can call Lisa at 1-615-677-6645 or lisa@localtable.net or use our online form.

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PhotoSpring seemed such a long time coming, but summer has taken no time at all to show her face! The April and May rains have caused an explosion in the garden, and the first tomatoes will soon appear on the vine. Just like the move from spring into summer, our Middle Tennessee food scene has dramatically changed over the past five years. Chefs are moving to Nashville to be a part of one of the country's most vibrant food communities in the country. Young and second-career farmers are moving here to have their own little piece of "paradise" in the Tennessee countryside. On a recent trip out of town, I was surprised to see how the prevailing attitude had changed about Nashville. Everyone I met wanted to know about the restaurants, music scene, and surrounding countryside.


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Redefining the Tomato: Can You Accept That?
Photo In Tennessee, from June to October, local farms produce tomatoes at their best. It is the aroma of fresh, ripe tomatoes that transports me back to my childhood. I grew up in Scotland and spent summers helping my grandfather in the garden. He was an expert at growing tomatoes, and my grandmother would encourage me to eat them by sprinkling sugar on top. But why sugar? Did she think a tomato was a fruit, dessert worthy? -- or is it a vegetable?


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"Stamps" of Approval
Photo Martha Stamps is a native Nashvillian who grew up at her parent's home near Radnor Lake and graduated from Harpeth Hall. Stamps' education about food and land began when she was a child. "We had all of these trees and all of this shade so there wasn't a whole lot of gardening to do," says Stamps, "but we spent a lot of time in the woods. My mom knew where the pawpaw trees were, and it seems like I was always learning about where to find things and when things were in season. So that education about how food is connected to the land began early on for me."


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Photo Keeping Cool on Nashville's Ice Cream Trail New Photo Feature
Hands down, Mike's Ice Cream Parlor serves the best ice cream flavor--red velvet cake--in all of Music City. Maybe the whole state. Mike's is a cozy throwback, nestled among the honky-tonks downtown, lifted by the sounds and scents of a classic parlor. Sweet, with coffee and laughter overtones. And sometimes a line that stretches to the nearest Elvis statue. And...wait. Mike's Red Velvet Cake is almost the best. Even Mike's stalwart fans have to admit defeat, however, when they get a scoop of the roasted strawberry buttermilk from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, a relative newcomer with shops in 12 South and East Nashville. Jeni's takes the cake. Or the cream. Whatever. Everyone agrees: Jeni's seasonal strawberry offering is superlative. Unrivaled. More

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Photo Gourmet Guy Gathering
It's springtime in Nashville and another wedding season is upon us. But, for men, wedding season is sometimes better known as "bachelor-party season." Just the mention of this manly rite fills the head with images of drunken, debauched dudes seeking out regrettable circumstances as they grieve the loss of yet another member of their stinky, belching tribe. My most recent experience of this all-important guy' night out was a perfectly respectful meeting for dinner at Merchants, enjoying apps, wines, and beers, lingering over entrees - I had the trout - and getting to know our new British friends from the bride's side of the family. More

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Ms. Cook's Table
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Radical Farm Wives
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Breeding  by Robin
I have definitely talked a lot about addie, our family milk cow. she turns grass into cream and i love her each day with my morning tea or coffee. iadore her again as i top my salads...

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Connecting to Nashville's Food Scene
Hungry at Heart
By Annakate I almost called this post “Snails, Sardines and Gooseneck Barnacles” but thought that might not sound as appetizing. Although we did eat those things during our nearly two weeks in Lisbon (pronounced “lish-boa” in Portuguese – go on, say it! It’s a fun accent) the capital and largest city, then...
So, How's It Taste?
Summer, of course, is always a great time to grill. I’m not a master of the grill by any means, so I love when I go to my mom’s house and she can take over. One of these days I’m going to get my learnin’ on, but for now I enjoy tackling the sides (like […] Copyright 2009-2014 So, How's It Taste? - Leah Short The post Beer-Brined Barbecue Chicken appeared first...
Lesley Eats
I have to admit: I?m a pasta addict. My favorite comfort food is macaroni and cheese, though I?m almost as happy with just a big bowl of linguine or fettucine with some good olive oil and a little seasoning. But...


Live Green Tennessee - Season 5, Episode 11

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We visit Grandaddy's Farm for agri-tourism fun for the family. Then we take a look at home business that brews kombucha tea. And finally we learn about living green through running...

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We hope you can use this website, along with the magazine, as a resource to the agricultural bounties of Middle Tennessee. Please feel free to keep in touch with us to pass along news you feel may be of interest to others, recipes, or comments to make Local Table a better place to meet. Thanks for joining us at Local Table.

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